AltRoot bringing food waste diversion pilot project to Westlock

WESTLOCK – Westlock County business AltRoot is partnering with the Circular Innovation Council (CIC) on a new green initiative for the region.

In a presentation at the Aug. 22 Westlock and District Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting, AltRoot’s Brian Wonnacott and Colby Hansen were joined by pilot project manager Katie Motta of the CIC and shared some of the details and potential results.


Compost Trials

How can we use household waste to help amend field soils? By composting them, blending them with other soil amendments and incorporating them into cropland, that’s how. Or so we hope! Work that GRO is doing, in conjunction with AltRoot (local composter of post-consumer organic wastes), Dr. Derek Mackenzie (University of Alberta), his summer staff, and a local producer, will attempt to show if the addition of composted soil amendments increases yields, preserves moisture, and reduces the net emission of greenhouse gases in crop production.


AltRoot Hosts Free Compost Giveaway at Westlock, AB

AltRoot Westlock held an on-site presentation for visitors from municipalities across Alberta, including government commissioners and landfill managers, as part of the Alberta Care Conference. The tour and demonstration highlighted the importance of wood recycling. In part of the event, a live demonstration of wood-waste recycling was witnessed by Alberta Care delegates.


New composting company takes root in Westlock

AltRoot partners with Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission WESTLOCK – Westlock-based, Alternative Root (AltRoot) is looking to turn 20,000 pounds of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. Town of Westlock council heard a presentation March 21, from Brian Wonnacott and Colby Hansen of AltRoot during a committee of the whole meeting.    READ MORE