AltRoot bringing food waste diversion pilot project to Westlock

WESTLOCK – Westlock County business AltRoot is partnering with the Circular Innovation Council (CIC) on a new green initiative for the region.

In a presentation at the Aug. 22 Westlock and District Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting, AltRoot’s Brian Wonnacott and Colby Hansen were joined by pilot project manager Katie Motta of the CIC and shared some of the details and potential results.

Hansen and Wonnacott met members of the CIC, a non-profit organization from southwestern Ontario at a conference last fall and have now partnered with them to introduce a ‘food waste diversion pilot project’ in the Town of Westlock which will take organic waste from local businesses and divert it from the landfill for compost.

While details are still being finalized, including a launch date, they hope to have it underway later this fall. The pilot will be about six months and will require about 40 to 60 participating businesses between the town and Sherwood Park, who is also participating in the pilot.  

“We’re looking forward to creating more jobs and diverting food waste from the landfills,  turning that into compost and applying it to farmland,” said Hansen. “What we’re doing is a realistic green initiative … composting is a proven technique. It creates so many new opportunities as far as jobs and streams and we’re very excited to do this in my home community in Westlock.”

Photo: Katie Motta, a pilot project manager with the Circular Innovation Council (CIC), spoke to local businesses about a new pilot project between Westlock County’s AltRoot and the CIC during the Westlock and District Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting Aug. 22 at the Royal Canadian Legion.
Credit: www.townandcountrytoday.com