Want to Recycle Your Used Swamp Mats?

AltRoot provides responsible end-of-life services for swamp/access mats by recycling them into compost

Do you have old, worn-down swamp mats that you want to get rid of? At AltRoot, we can help. We take swamp mats that have outlived their useful life, shred them, mix them with other organic residuals and turn them into nutrient-rich compost. That compost is then spread on farmer’s fields as a natural soil amendment, elevating the soil food web.
Full-service swamp mat recycling, including chipping/hauling and rig mat recycling as well – your one-stop-shop. Give us a call with any questions.

Compost Facility
Our compost facility is located at the Westlock Regional Landfill, Northwest of Edmonton.

59424 Range Road 262
Westlock AB, T7P 2P4

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